Our Company

ZZ.DOT was founded in 2001 and since then, has been handling every international and local client with the same objective: at first, to fully understand the client’s needs and then, to design and implement full solutions. Based on creativity and proper strategic approach, ZZ.DOT goes into each project having done its homework on its needs for the attainment of all goals.   

Our belief

is the understanding of the communication needs of those who believe in the quality of our services. The starting point is each client and each client’s different needs for which we offer applications that meet them in the most proper and effective way, each time.

Our Philosophy

is the strategic approach of each client and the design of full communications solutions depending on each project, combined with modern standards and the advantages of every technology and know-how.

Our creativity

is what comes first and so are the client’s needs. We take on each new challenge with enthusiasm and we look for ideas that go above and beyond in an original and innovative way always aiming to surpass expectations!

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