About Us

A valuable associate of the Omnicom Group, one of the biggest advertising networks worldwide.
We provide integrated communication strategy on each of the following fields as well as the entire spectrum they form if combined.
ZZ.DOT has been awarded 25 advertising and communications Ermis Awards since 2005.

About Us

What we do

At ZZ.DOT we love brands. We aim at helping them become more valuable to people. The key is digging deep into the data to acquire powerful knowledge, which in turn leads to unexpectedly creative ideas. After all, this is what our “Activating ideas” motto is all about; ideas that lead to integrated communication campaigns so powerful and groundbreaking that can change the way consumers perceive brands and react to them.

In other words, at ZZ.DOT we help brands understand consumers in a superior way and identify their behavior and preferences. Either through better targeting and more specialized segmentation, or better loyalty management and lifetime value, we always utilize all available tools in order to strengthen the relationship between brand and consumer. For the closer this relationship is, the higher is its value. The value is the connecting link. This is what makes brands and people connect.

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