OPAP ValeKino Valentine's Day


On St. Valentine’s Day, KINO was about to broadcasts its 600.000th draw! So, OPAP would like to inspire employees and create awareness & engagement about its #1 Game through an experiential activation.


We set up an interactive activation with a catchy dilemma in order to invite all OPAP employees to embrace this day’s special mood (both of them) and find out which suits them best!

“Which type of person are you? Valentino or Vale…KINO?”

  • Dedicated promo team walked into all departments with tablets and inspired audience to take part!
  • Questions & answers were both funny and creatively written, so as to inspire the players and let them find out useful hints of OPAP’s #1 Game characteristics & history. Every answer could be correct and the combination of all answers would classify them in the group they belong.
  • All participants receive a practical anti stress A5 block, while they also put themselves in a special draw for 4 big gifts, based on their result - valentino or valekino.


Promo Team invited more than 650 employees to take part and 586 employees were more than happy to participate and prove their type! The score was formed to 171 – 415 in favor of Valekino types!

Rate of Activation’s Success: 90.1%

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