OPAP Responsible Gaming


Within the framework of the launch of OPAP's new campaign about Responsible Gaming, the need to communicate it within the organization’ s employees in Athens, Markopoulo & Thessaloniki was imminent.  Our goal was to remind them of the importance of Responsible Gaming and inspire them to always play responsibly and by the rules.



We created an interactive activations’ set up which was consisted of 2 parts, education & games. Hopscotch – Bowling – Darts – Tic Tac Toe, but also tricky questions on tablets that concerned the rules of Responsible Gaming where designed in a certain way so as to remind the participants that Outside the lines there is no Game and to make them have fun. Promo team invited the OPAP employees to participate in the activation playing and freshen their knowledge around Responsible Gaming. The only thing they had to do is to answer the 3 questions about Responsible Gaming correctly and play the games within the Lines! In the end, every participant received of a branded fabric bracelet to remind them that Outside the Lines there Is no game. At the same time, dedicated promo team distributed branded sous-verres and bracelets at the employees’ offices, while inviting them to participate in the activation.



Our promo team invited over 700 employees to take part in the activation and 300 of them participated playing responsibly while discovering the joy of the game!

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