GERMANOS Robbie Williams


Robbie Williams visited Greece for the first time, a sold out gig of more than 30.000 people. Germanos with Microsoft on its side was one of the main sponsors of the event. Giving the best impressions was on top of their list.



Inside the Terra Vibe area we placed a branded Isobox, in which our group of promoters welcomed more than 2.500 people offering a fun welcoming to the event!

  • A booth was located in the area where people were invited to scream their best to learn the decibels of their voice. The 5 highest results won a Nokia Lumnia.
  • A stage with a drawn in band was waiting the spectators to wear the props and take the best band photo of the event!
  • Furthermore there was a giveaway of Robbie Williams themed glasses and pins so the crowd feels closer to the artist

In the VIP area we branded 2 kiosks both inside and outside. A promoter’s team was welcoming the VIP audience offering an impressive face or body painting service. In addition, special guests of Germanos were given the opportunity to enjoy this unique event in a cool and exclusive environment!



The activations and the branding campaigns gained the best comments from the viewers and the press.

The success of the giveaway campaign was one of the greatest recorded were 1500 of pins and another 1500 of glasses were taken from the viewers!

The Terra Vibe arena was fully branded and people wearing our glasses made the effect even more impressive and successful.

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