Lady Gaga’s: artpop ball world tour did it’s stop in Athens too! The concert took place in Olympic Stadium and Germanos could not resist participating to such a big event, alongside with LG.


The Olympic Stadium was covered with branded constructions of Germanos and Lg! At the out squirts of the stadium there was an inflated booth and our promoter’s team welcomed the audience that came for the concert! An impressive branded backdrop was set up in our photo booth, giving the opportunity to have their picture taken from the promoters and get an instant print memorabilia photo.

At the Golden standing area the promoters gave away lanyards that made everyone smile!

At the V.I.P. the visitors could use the specially designed backdrop to take pictures and print them instantly! In a innovative application spectators could watch the promo video of Lg G3 and by scanning a special image with it could enter a draw to win 6 LG G3 phones.


We welcomed at least 2.000 people at the outside area of the stadium and there were 1.350 lanyards given away. Furthermore 1.000 people visited the V.I.P area.

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