GERMANOS Athens Tattoo Convention


Germanos wanted to take part in 10th Athens Tattoo Convention with an activation that suits to the style of the event, while expressing the brand’s image. Estimated number of guests: 7000


We created a set up perfectly harmonized with the style of the event and organized activations using promoters that resulted in huge engagement with the public. The actions undertaken were:

  • G Tattoo Promotion Service
  • Offers for purchases in Germanos stores
  • Instant Win Contest with high-tech gifts
  • Activation "I'm Proud of": The promoters invited the public to be photographed and a professional photographer made the perfect shot of one tattoo that indicate the visitor. All photos were edited by photo editor and were played on a screen in the set up while were also sent via email to each visitor.


  • 5200 contacts within the set up
  • 4630 distributed flyers
  • 1044 registered codes for instant win contest
  • 18 Gifts

84 Photos from the activation "I'm Proud of"

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