COSMOTE Kids in Museums



As in 2016, we organized & implemented 9 visits in Museums & Archaeological sites in Athens & Thessaloniki.The goal as last year was to create once in a lifetime experiences for families of children aged 6-12 and involve all all participants in the tour process.



Keeping in mind the ultimate goal of making culture & history relevant and interesting to families of young children, we carefully selected 7 spots in Athens & 2 in Salonica and combined these with a specific age breakdown in order to take advantage of the children’s knowledge.

Each visit was combined of  an interactive tour, asking the group to discover information through the museum/site monuments. Using the knowledge gained through the tour, the groups were then asked to construct a device, play a game or draw a theme from their visit.





About 140 family-winners were emerged through an sms contest. Each winner participated in an interactive tour in1 Museum with 1 or 2 children and 1 or 2 attendants.


  • Train Museum (ISAP)
  • Telecommunications Museum
  • National Observatory
  • Archeological Museum of Athens
  • City of Athens Museum



  • Museum of Modern Art

Cinema Museum

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