BMW Generation X 2016

The West side of the former airport of Athens, located at Elliniko, was transformed for the event, into a place where the guests could enjoy the full capabilities of the BMW X models. The set up was very impressive and specially decorated and formed to host the X Series event. The surrounding was formed with parkour exercises on specially designed ramps along with scenic test drives. Briefly, the event included, a very impressive branding, a well trained promo team, parkour & scenic test drive and press, corporate and dealers event. The Generation X also took place in 6 more cities of Greece. The event created a unique opportunity for the audience of BMW to get to know the X series models as well as for BMW Hellas to create new contacts. The majority of participants stated that the event surpassed their expectations, and 580 new contacts (overall from all cities) were created for BMW Hellas.

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